Athlete and club resources

Here's where you will find useful resources if you're part of a Special Olympics club.


These resources include policies, registration forms and our Fit 5 guide.

Memorandums of understanding


Memorandum of Understanding between the NZPF and SONZ — Key Principles (PDF)

Athlete resources

All athletes

Athlete Oath (PDF)

Fit 5 Guide (PDF)

Fit 5 Fitness Cards (PDF)

Athlete Leader Forms

Ideas for Being an Effective Committee or Regional Council Member (PDF)

Ideas for Supporting Athletes in Leadership Roles (PDF)

Keys to Working with Athletes as Committee Members (PDF)

Keys to Working with Athletes as Regional Council Members (PDF)

Resources on Building Inclusive Committees, Regional Councils and Boards (PDF)

Athlete Representative on Club Committee (PDF)

Athlete Representative on Regional Council (PDF)

NZ Athletes in Governance (PDF)

Club Resources



Nomination Form for Club Executive Committee Position (PDF)

Club Chair Position Description (PDF)

Club Secretary Position Description (PDF)

Club Treasurer Position Description (PDF)

Regional Council Forms

Nomination Form for Regional Council Executive Officer Position (PDF)

Regional Council Chair Position Description (PDF)

Regional Council Treasurer Position Description (PDF)

Regional Council Rules of Special Olympics (PDF)

Treasurers Resources

Asset Register (Excel file)

Chart of Accounts — Assets and Liabilities (Excel file)

Chart of Accounts — Income and Expenditure (Excel file)

Chart of Accounts — Working Example (Excel file)
Statement of Financial Performance (Excel file)

Statement of Financial Position (Excel file)

​Charitable Donation Receipt Template (Excel file)

Treasurers Manual for Regional Councils and Clubs (PDF)

Health and safety


Hygiene Protocols (PDF)

First Aid Register (Word Doc)

Hazard Notification Form (Word Doc)

Hazard Register (Word Doc)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Incident and Accident Reporting Form Register (Word Doc)

Threat Checklist (Word Doc)


Banner (PDF)

Full Uniform Guidelines for Clubs (PDF)

Special Olympics Brand Identity Guidelines (PDF)

Special Olympics Brand Quick Guide (PDF)


Complaints, Member Discipline and Appeals Policy (PDF)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Athlete Dating Policy (PDF)

Complaints Form (PDF)

Harassment and Bullying Policy (PDF)

Sponsorship and Charitable Gifts Policy (PDF)


Athlete Registrations


Athlete Information Sheet (PDF)

Athlete Medical Certificate (PDF)

Athlete Medication Checklist (PDF)

Athlete Registration Form (PDF)

Athlete Religious Objections Form (PDF)

Athlete Transfer Guidelines (PDF)

Unified Partner Registrations

Police Vetting Request and Consent Form (PDF)

Unified Partner Registration Form (PDF)

Unified Partner Religious Objections Form (PDF)

Volunteer Registrations

NZ Police Vetting Service Process (PDF)

Police Vetting Request and Consent Form (PDF)

Single Sport Casual Volunteer Registration Sheet (PDF)

Volunteer Driver Form (PDF)

Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)

Volunteer Supplementary Information Form (PDF)

Volunteer awards

Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form (Word Doc)

Distinguished Service Award Overview (Word Doc)

Life Membership Award Nomination Form (Word Doc)

Life Membership Award Overview (Word Doc)

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