Healthy at home


There are lots of ways to stay healthy and happy when we can't go to our usual training and events.


We'll add resources to this page that you can use wherever you are in the country!

Many of the resources you'll find here are contributions from our Special Olympics Athletes.


If you have an idea to contribute too, please email us at or send us a message on social media 🙌

Latest fitness videos


Check out the latest videos from our Special Olympics New Zealand community. 

Training with Jared Lutu — Special Olympics Māngere Athlete

Follow along with Jared's latest workout:

Martial arts with Melody Khan

Every week we're bringing you a new martial arts workout from Hawke's Bay Special Olympics volunteer, Melody. All you need are some comfy clothes, floor space, and your water bottle.

Training with Tristen Mathieson

A tough 30 minute workout with Tristen, Lower South Island Regional Sports Coordinator. Get your water bottle ready!

Athlete takeover — Sarah Dalton

Follow along with a day in the life of Sarah Dalton, Special Olympics New Zealand athlete. She'll guide you through exercises, healthy eating, tai chi, being kind to yourself, and more.

Fit 5 Guide and Fitness Cards

The Special Olympics Fit 5 guide and fitness cards help guide you when you're at home.


They cover exercises, healthy eating and staying hydrated:

Fit 5 Fitness Cards.png

Reach out on social media


Catch up with the Special Olympics New Zealand community on social media:





Other ways to keep in touch


Here are some other ideas for keeping in touch with each other:

Start a phone tree: A phone tree is a great way to make sure you get to talk to someone every day! Write a list of a people and their phone numbers who would like to join your phone tree. Share the list with the group. The first person on the list phones the second person. The second phones the third and so on. 

Get in touch with your coach or club chair: Even when we aren't at training, we can still keep in touch with our sports teams. Reach out to your coach and see how they're doing! They'll also be able to help you get in touch with the other members of your team. 

Contact your Regional Sports Coordinator or other member of the Special Olympics New Zealand staff: All SONZ staff are still working from home. We love hearing from you, so feel free to reach out if you want to chat or have any questions. You can find all our contact details on the Staff page.

Start a WhatsApp group: You can download WhatsApp to your phone and start a group chat with your sports team and other friends you have met through Special Olympics. 

Using Zoom for a video hui (meeting)


Zoom is one of many great tools available for holding a hui (meeting) when we can't catch up in the same room.


You can set up your own zoom account if you like, or get in touch if you would like us to set up a hui for you using the Special Olympics New Zealand account.


Check out our guide for more information on using Zoom.

Unite against COVID-19

The Government has the most up to date advice on what we need to do to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Check out the Unite Against COVID-19 website for all the latest advice.

We keep a blog post regularly updated with our latest guidance on when how we are operating during the COVID-19 situation.

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